Regular Expression

Regular Expression – Simplified Examples

Regular expressions provide a short and flexible means for identifying particular text; characters, words, or patterns of characters. You can extract emails, proxies, IP addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, HTML tags, URLs, links, dates, and what’s not? Regular Expression is a language of its own. Whatever programming languages you have already learnt, will help very […]

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MS Excel Trick: Calculate Difference Between Two Dates

The formula below subtracts one date (ketp in B1) from another (kept in B2) and divides by 365. The INT function then eliminates the decimal part of the result: =INT((B2-B1)/365) Although it servers the purpose to a large extent but if there’s a matter of accuracy, it fails because it divides by average number of […]

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Welcome to

Welcome to!!! My primary intent of creating this blog is to not only share my knowledge, i have gained over the years during my professional career and working as a freelancer but also make it more like fun by creating tips, tricks and techniques about Information Technology and related spheres. I’m obsessively passionate about […]

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