Remove The Background From an Image For Passport Use

Your passport is one of the most important documents in your possession especially when traveling. It needs to be updated and should be up-to-date at all times. Since the photo on your passport helps with identification, it is important that you follow all the relevant rules & regulations. Let’s discuss how you can remove any […]

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OneDrive Shared Folder

OneDrive Shared Folder Tips for a Smooth Experience on Cloud

  Do you want to send your coworker a large file? If you do, you’ll know that sending large files over email can be a hassle. Most email service providers have a limit on the size of attachment files. Emails are also not intended for secure file transfers. It is not possible to reverse sending […]

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DNS Techniques: Change Your Computer’s DNS Settings to Increase Internet Speed

  Over the past couple of decades, continuous technological advancement has dramatically increased internet speeds. Broadband and fiber-optic technologies have created blazingly fast networks where even high-definition media can be loaded in surprisingly low time. There’s yet much more room for improvement in this connection because of the high demand for high-definition media and real-time […]

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Remove Junk Windows Files and Folders to Cleanup Your Disk Drive

  Windows can quickly clog up from junk files spread all over in the hard drive. In your computer unorganized and uncleaned memory end up to accumulate digital garbage. The more you use your computer, the more junk it is likely to pile up. On slower drives such as traditional hard disk drives, junk files […]

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Excel Technique: How To Create Chart From Pivot Table

  In the previous post Excel Technique: How To Create Pivot Table about creating Pivot tables in Excel we’ve elaborated how to createsimple Pivot tables in Excel. In the current article we’re moving some further to create Pivot Charts using Pivot Tables. A Pivot chart is a shiny diamond added to MS Excel’s crown. It […]

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