Remove The Background From an Image For Passport Use

General Tips-And-Tricks

Your passport is one of the most important documents in your possession especially when traveling. It needs to be updated and should be up-to-date at all times. Since the photo on your passport helps with identification, it is important that you follow all the relevant rules & regulations. Let’s discuss how you can remove any irregularities and ensure a perfect passport photo each time.

Why Should I Remove the Background from My Passport Photo?

As mentioned earlier, passport photos need to adhere to certain rules & regulations set by the authorities. It’s not like that you can use any photo from your gallery for official documents. One of the major factors to keep in mind while capturing passport photos is that the background should either be plain white or blue.

Passport photos should not have any items or objects in the background that could influence the identification process. The same goes for having people or pets in the background.

How to Capture the Perfect Passport Photo?

Taking the perfect passport photo is not that difficult. All you need to do is consider your facial expressions and remove anything that might distract in the background. That said, you should keep a straight face with your eyes looking straight into the camera.

Next, you should not be wearing any jewelry or accessories that might affect the identification process. However, if there is a piece of clothing you have to wear as part of your religious obligations, you can do that. Furthermore, you should not be holding anything or have anything in the background. And finally, the background should be of plain color.


How to Use PhotoforID to Remove Background Image?

If you do not know how to remove the background image from your passport photo, you need not to worry. PhotoforID is an easy to use online tool that lets you come up with perfect passport and visa photos etc.

Simply visit the site and Browse your passport photo. Upload it and select the country along with the type. The best feature of PhotoforID is that it is powered by Artificial Intelligence. As a result, it comes with pre-programmed settings based on different countries and their regulations.

So, you do not have to make any manual edits. As soon as you choose a specific country and the photo type, PhotoforID will automatically make changes as it is aware of the requirements. Finally, click Submit Photo and the tool will begin processing. Once the process ends, you can download the photos and use them for your official documents.

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