9 Mouse Tricks You’ll Wonder Why Didn’t You Know Before!

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A mouse is one of the most common devices that every computer user uses and it has been widely used even before the advent of mobile phones. Even the little children know how to use it to serve their purpose. But in this article we will highlight some extremely useful mouse tricks that most of the computer users are not aware of, we bet! These tricks will make your computer experience easier and more enjoyable than ever before. So without further ado let’s uncover these tricks.


Trick #1: Double Click the Left Mouse button: highlights a word

Ok. That’s pretty straight forward, and may be most of the users, especially those who do extensive typing work, are likely already familiar with it.


Trick #2: Triple Click the Left Mouse button: highlights a paragraph.

Again simple and intuitive but there may be little number of users who’re familiar with this trick.


Trick #3: Hold down the ALT and Left Mouse button: highlights one or more columns of text 

This is different from the traditional text selection which highlights entire row by row in upward or downward direction. This technique is handy when your text, say in a word or PDF document is apparently organized in columns and you want to select text from one or more columns in vertical dimension.


Trick #4: Make a Selection of very Large Content, say on a web page, or a document.

This is one of the most sought-after trick, especially when the required content spans on several pages.

From your source document or web page, select some text. Click the left button on the character or word where you want the selection to start. Then by using up or down arrow key, or Page Up or Down key move your cursor to the end of where your selection should end up. Hold down the SHIFT key and left click. You have now highlighted your entire selection in a pretty short time! Selecting a large content through the traditional method that is, holding down left mouse and moving mouse downward or upward may take lots of time. This way the scrolling down (or up) slows down tediously. But by using this trick you can select and copy/paste in a short time with no hassle.


Trick #5: Quick Drag and Drop

When you want to Drag and Drop some content from one location to another:
In order to make a copy of the selected item/content hold Left Mouse button and press CTRL key from you keyboard. Now when you drop it to the desired target location it will be copied there.

In order to move the selected item/content hold Left Mouse button and press SHIFT key from you keyboard. Now when you drop it to the desired target location it will be moved there and its original version from the source will be deleted right away.


Trick #6: Scrolling quickly using Middle Click or Mouse Wheel Click

This and the next mouse tricks involve Mouse Wheel which is the familiar little wheel positioned between the left and right mouse buttons. This wheel helps scroll the page more quickly and when you click press down the wheel; this action is termed as “Middle-Click” and it serves typical purpose. While surfing the web using the middle-click on a hyper-link automatically opens the link in a new page. It’s cool… Isn’t it?


Trick #7: Middle-Click on a blank place or a Non-Hyper-Linked text a navigation tool appears right in the middle of the page.

This allows you to scroll up or down the page quickly based on which direction you’re scrolling the wheel. Middle-Click again to exit this navigation tool.


Trick #8: Another cool trick using Mouse Wheel.

Press and hold the CTRL key while using the Mouse Wheel to zoom in or out on content. Scrolling up while holding CTRL will enlarge the page, whereas scrolling down will zoom out, allowing you to see more content. This trick works not only on web pages but also in many other applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Trick #9

And last but not the least, Middle-Click on a tab in your browser to quickly close the tab. No more searching for that little ‘x’.

In conclusion, these mouse tricks can significantly enhance your productivity and make your computer usage more efficient and enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just a regular user, mastering these tips will help you navigate your digital world with greater ease. So, take some time to practice and incorporate these tricks into your routine—you’ll be amazed at how much smoother and faster your workflow becomes. Happy clicking!

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