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Software Architecture Vs Design Enigma

Software development has a flagrant history of project failures and has earned an overall reputation as an unplanned, unorganized and naïve craft. Owing to that the questions of inefficient, less productive, less-scalable, and expensive products have been surfacing time and time again. Unfortunately this negative reputation it has earned – has been achieved through a […]

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Study Finds That US 5G Speeds Are Slower Than 14 Other Countries

5G is expected to change the world, but right now, the deployment of that new technology has been slow and uneven—especially in the United States. In 2020’s Fastest Mobile Network tests, we found that existing 5G networks were difficult to pick up, and in many cases, were actually slower than current 4G LTE service. It […]

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Create Online Meeting in Laravel with Zoom API

The COVID-19 outbreak has unprecedentedly impacted countries around the world particularly during the last six-odd months. As the corona virus (COVID 19) pandemic continues to spread, the world is changing the way it previously used to embrace. During the last six months the internet traffic has tremendously increased. Demand has skyrocketed for several online services. […]

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Get All Users From The ACL Of A Notes Database

HCL Notes (formerly IBM Notes) provides access to ACL through a pretty useful dialog window under Notes Client. The authorized user can perform several actions like viewing existing database users, their access levels and assigned roles. They can add and remove users and grant rights and roles to them as per the requirements. Viewing and […]

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Regular Expression

Regular Expression – Simplified Examples

Regular expressions provide a short and flexible means for identifying particular text; characters, words, or patterns of characters. You can extract emails, proxies, IP addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, HTML tags, URLs, links, dates, and what’s not? Regular Expression is a language of its own. Whatever programming languages you have already learnt, will help very […]

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Array Formula – A Better Way For Quick User Interaction.

In Microsoft Excel, an Array Formula provides you with a way to do powerful calculations on one or more value sets. The Array Formula works with an array of values, rather than a single value. Array formulas can return a single result, or multiple results. That sounds pretty simple enough, and indeed many array formulas […]

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