Work Around to Cope with Email Attachments Limits.


All of the Email and Communications software and services impose a limit on the attachments. Mostly you have no problem working under those limits. But sometimes, the situations occur when you want to find a way out, e.g, to attach media files.

The foremost way to send larger files is to compress them and then try to send them within the size limits. If it doesn’t work, a majority of email providers, like google and Hotmail give you some sort of cloud storage uploading capabilities. If it still doesn’t work for you or you want some other option, then you can use public services like WeTransfer which provide greater size limits. Here are some of the services:

SendGB – Send files up to 4GB each. The files are kept for 7 days. – Send files up to 6 GB, can be downloaded up to 50 times and is kept in the cloud for 21 days.

SendAnywhere – No size limit. SendAnywhere sets itself apart by not limiting the file size and securing the uploaded files with a six digit code. The user who has the code will be able to download files. The shared files links only last for a maximum of 24 hours in the free version.

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