Export Your WhatsApp Chats To a Number of Targets


WhatsApp is an extremely popular communication tool which is widely accessed over the globe. As of now, it is the most popular messaging app globally, with over 1.5+ billion active users accessing WhatsApp on the daily basis.

If you use WhatsApp, you’re likely to have long conversations, especially if you have joined a number of groups. There are chances when you need to export your one or more chats on some other media or device, e.g, on your laptop, your website, Facebook page, or another mobile device. The problem gets much more complicated if the chat, in question, has lots of text and media content.

What’sApp provides you a pretty simple and handy technique to achieve this.

Go to WhatApp Settings -> Chats -> Chat History -> Export Chat

Select the chat you want to email. Select “Without Media” or “Include Media” option. This pertains to include or exclude the media (images, videos and audio content) as well.

Now WhatsApp provides you a number of target options to export to, e.g, Gmail (if installed), Email, WhatsApp itself and, to your surprise any other device using Bluetooth.

Give it a whirl and Enjoy!!!

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