IBM Notes View – Filter the Documents on the last 15 working days.

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View Selection Formula: Get the records of the last 15 working days. This is achieved by calculating total days (TotDays) by moving back from now() and excluding all sundays (weekday=1). So for instance, If there are 3 Sundays in this period then we have to take 15+3=18 as TotDays (total working days) to get the report of.

Please replace FormName with your form name and FilterDate with the date field you are interested in.

@For(n := 1; n <=15; n := n + 1;
TotDays:=@If(@Weekday(CurrDate)=1; TotDays-1; TotDays); CurrDate:=@Adjust(CurrDate;0;0;-1;0;0;0) );
SELECT (Form = “FormName”) & (FilterDate) >= @Adjust(@Now; 0;0;TotDays;0;0;0) & FilterDate<=@N

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