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This could be one of the most strenuous situation for everyone in the world owing to one of the deadliest pandemic diseases of the century, that is, COVID-19 outbreak. The disease itself may not be that deadliest and could have been controlled in a rather efficient manner but because of its exponential spread, it has been the most horrific event of the century. Anyways, this has compelled the governments of dozens of the countries to lock-down their cities – stop all kind of commercial and social activities, in order to stop or mitigate the spread of the world wide catastrophe caused or threatened by this pandemic.

Albeit, due to compulsory lock-downs, millions of business have to stop their productions and services functions. But, fortunately, the service sector of IT, ICT and related niches has still got full potential to operate remotely from anywhere in the world thanks to internet-based communication systems to ensure that their work doesn’t get much affected due to this curfew-like situation.

Employees typically embrace telecommuting or work from home model of rendering services, because of many aspects. It increases the chances of getting higher remuneration as the skills and experience excel, can increase an employee’s job satisfaction and the ability to work in a comfortable home setup. For businesses, it provides opportunities to recruit the most suitable skilled resources regardless of the physical location, reduces office expenses and space, and increases operational efficiencies.

Telecommuting or working from home has been a serious practice for quite some time and has proved to be extremely efficient and many a times outnumbered regular model of rendering services. Employees working on computer systems can work from home and perform their daily tasks on their laptops. Efficiency is achieved also by getting services of the experts of their fields on a part-time or hourly basis and hence spending only the expenses when and where required.

If you are the one who is already working from home or intend to adopt this mode of service, you need to ponder many things, to maintain and excel in your performance.

What follow are a few useful tips for you to know how to work from home efficiently to make your job more productive, efficient and still comfortable for you. It will also help you to achieve your scheduled targets while making your work interesting.

1- Carve Out a Dedicated Workspace

Many people work on their laptop sitting on the bed, couch in the living room, or sometimes while sitting on the floor which is not good, as you can feel lazy while working with such “comfort”. You need to build a separate work space in the room where nobody can interfere while you’re working.

Spend a few bucks on dedicated furniture like computer table so that you can keep your office equipment including your laptop, printer, broad-band router and other accessories. You may want to place a book-shelf nearby, as the love for reading books hasn’t yet ended. Such dedicated office-like work space will give you an alluring experience and help you get involved in your job with great passion and dedication.

2- Get Started Early & Maintain Routine

While working in the office as a regular employee you have to visit it in a specific time schedule, but in case you work from home you are likely to become rather sluggish. You work as per your mood and ease just because there’s no apparent stress of quick deadlines. This is not good, by all means, because this will gradually erode your capabilities, sense of responsibilities, and all those good traits which are helpful to excel in your career.

Some people kick off their day with a few minutes of meditation. Likewise, you may have a sequence that starts your morning ritual. This tiny routine, early in the morning, signals to your brain that it’s time to wake up and get ready to accomplish your daily tasks.

Many remote service providers are addicted to use chatting or other social media software to “entertain” themselves while working, though they pretend otherwise and charge their company or client for the full time. Bosses and the clients are not dumb, sooner or later they come to know about your “productivity”, and the level of efficiency you are providing to them – and the result could be disastrous for you. So make sure to get to start in-time, avoid doing personal activities during your working hours, and strictly maintain this routine. In order to become a professional telecommuter you have to get the hang of maintaining this routine in your daily life.

3- Assess your Technology and available Resources

Telecommuting is not merely about selling your skills and services in a proficient manner. Its about building a trust on your company or client by making use of the best possible technology and equipment to provide efficient, accurate and reliable service to them.

Always try to keep the best possible laptop, cell phone, webcam, broad band internet connection and other accessories. Upgrade the things as soon as you have got more budget.

Keep Your Technology Arsenal Up To Date

If required, buy a separate keyboard and mouse for efficient and speedy typing. You may have to buy a cell phone with better mega-pixels or even a digital camera if your service entails good quality pictures.

You may definitely need the low-cost or free communications and remote-access services like Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Skype, AnyDesk etc.

4- Do some Workouts and Stretch regularly

While in office everybody gets enough time to move around; from desk to desk, in the corridors, during the lunch break etc. During lock-down probably you will be prohibited to step out of your house for park, gym, hotel or long drive. This tough restriction is likely to affect your daily routine and lifestyle, and may create a level of frustration. As a result your physical activities come to a minimum, specifically when you are confined to move in a smaller vicinity.

You ‘have to’ get involved in some sort of light exercises for physical (and mental) fitness. Try to make possible to walk in the lawn or at the roof-top of your home. This will enormously help you to become healthy and relaxed and will get you rid of any strains. sparing a little time to stretch your arms and legs and move your neck in different directions is always helpful no matter you’re at home or in office.

5- Set Goals for each Day

Many people prepare their plan in the beginning of the day. They spend lots of precious time analyzing and planning what they have to do or where to start from. In fact this habbit not only wastes lots of time and energy right in the beginning of the day but may also create a sort of frustration. Consequently, they manage to spare lesser energy and excitement to work for the rest of the day and fail to achieve their targets.

One of the best time management habit is to set your next day’s activities and goals before you sleep. This is perhaps the best time to analyze what you can perform and achieve the next day, saving you plenty of precious time to get busy in your tasks instead of planning. Make note of your daily and weekly tasks to maintain your overall project or assignment.

6- Take Breaks and Relax

As mentioned earlier, in offices, you have a specific time for lunch and tea breaks, and sometimes for other social activities. So you enjoy some fun time with your colleagues that makes your mind pretty much relaxed and helps you feel at ease while working throughout the day.

Take a Break

You need to adopt the same habbits while working at home. Avoid spending long sessions in front of your computer which may cause computer vision syndrome. Take some periodic breaks to relax your mind and body. Again this will boost your energy and concentration towards your job. You can even chat with your friends and family members. So never undervalue the importance of taking breaks while working in office or while telecommuting.

7- Discover your High Productivity time

Every person has their own mood and motivational feelings to work with great concentration at different times in a day. However, this is a proven fact that for majority of the people the morning time – mostly the early morning time, is the best to perform their activities. Because after a long, sound sleep you feel enormously energetic and mindful in the morning so that you’re ready to start your job right away. This is another reason that you should prepare your work schedule of the current day before you sleep so that you’re ready to start your job immediately.

Well, this time may not be really suitable for everybody, so you may have to discover your best time to deliver your high productivity. Try to schedule your important and critical tasks at that time. So for a blazing fast performance, identify the best time to work.

8- Give significant importance to your Social Life

This is another important aspect to make you a balanced personality with regards to your social life. Man is a social animal, so in total isolation with your friends and family members, your personality and capabilities will fade away. You must find some reasonable time to at least communicate with your dear ones using your computer or cell phone. Of course you want to do this without damaging your professional responsibilities. In addition, you don’t have to get involved with too much communication, neglecting your other responsibilities or else it will be counter-productive for you. Try to fix up a schedule for social activities and let your dear ones know about your leisure time.

Moreover if you’re working in a team with everybody working remotely, consider getting connected with them on the social grounds as well. Try to hang out and get acquainted with them. This will also help you understand each other to establish good co-worker relationships. As a result it will help ensure everyone is well-aligned to meet the expectations and the objectives of the projects and assignments.

9- Maintain a Checklist

We’re all human beings and we are always likely to forget important things right when they are required, may be because of being extra-ordinarily busy while in the middle of the task. This is always a best practice to create a checklist of the tasks and important points, so that you may not forget any one when you’ve started working. A well-formed, ordered, and categorized if needed, checklist will always be your companion before and during your tasks.You can use old-fashioned calendars, a utility software from the internet or even use the classic notepad application for this purpose.

10- Make Yourself Reachable

Sometime working from home sounds like a very isolating and boring experience which should be mitigated by all means. Always let your team members, boss and clients (whoever you are interacting with) know when and how they can reach you when you are working at home, and tell your family and friends about your working from home routine and working hours as well. That way you will be able to be sufficiently socialized and come up to the expectations of everybody and they will feel comfortable while dealing with you. Thing to ponder; it’s all about finding the right balance.

Remember that, whether a telecommuting/work from home service is formal or informal, it involves mutual trust between an employee and employer. Employers need to have faith that their employees will be as productive while working remotely as they are supposed to be when in office and employees need to understand what they are expected to deliver. Fortunately, there are strong evidences that working from home boosts productivity.

Working from home can have a tremendously positive impact on an individual’s quality of life, productivity, and peace of mind. But all of the advantages are dependent on being well-prepared and well-informed. If you want to be on par in your mode of rendering service you have to take the bull by the horns and handle everything positively that you stumble across. This will definitely put you in the driver’s seat of your journey of telecommuting.

Have a Super Great Day Soon – without the fear of Covid-19 and alike!

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