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Wi-Fi Trick: Find Lost Wi-Fi Password

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Everybody seems to use Wi-Fi in this era, may be some of us don’t even know that they’re using Wi-Fi signals to do their routine tasks on mobile phones and other devices.

There’re chances that we forget the password of the connected Wi-Fi. Though we may already be connected but we’re unable to connect anybody else’s device to this Wi-Fi network because we ourselves have got connected with somebody’s help – may be the owner of the Wi-Fi.

Worry not! there are some simple steps to get to know the password of the connected Wi-Fi if we’re using Windows. Follow these simple steps:

From Windows Search bar type Network and you’re likely to see “View Network Connections” menu option right away on the top.

Get Wi-Fi Password 1


Click it and you’ll see the configured network connections in a popup window. It will also display your currently connected Wi-Fi connection.

Get Wi-Fi Password 2


Double click your desired Wi-Fi connection icon and a small Wi-Fi status window will open up.

Get Wi-Fi Password 3


Click Wireless Properties button from this window. Another window will open up. Click Security Tab as shown in the image below. Your Wi-Fi password will be shown in front of “Network Security Key” label but it will be masked with asterisk “******”.

Get Wi-Fi Password 4


Just click “Show Characters” checkbox right below it and voila… your Wi-Fi password will be displayed unmasked. Cheers!!!

Get Wi-Fi Password 5

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