LotusScript Technique: Show Multiple Lines Of A View Rows Based On A Multi-Line Value Field.

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Notes doesn’t provide a simple way to show a multi-line rows based on a field or column which has multiple rows. There’s a work-around though, a bit tricky but works the perfect way. Let’s give it a whirl!!!

In the View Properties box:

From the 3rd tab, Set a number for “Height” value under Rows section. This is the maximum number of rows you want to allow for a single row of the view. Remember your source information (field from document or your own text in the formula field) are supposed to have zero or more carriage returns (@char(10)) in order to split each line.

Select “Shrink rows to content” checkbox.

In the Column Properties box:

From the 1st tab, choose New Line as the Multi-value separator.

From the 2nd tab, deselect the “Show multiple values as separate entries” checkbox.

In the code window for the column you want to display in multiple lines, select “Formula” radio button. Suppose the field name is “MyMultilineInfo”.

Now enter the following formula in this window:

ArrOutput := @Explode(MyMultilineInfo;@Char(10));
ArrOutput := @Implode(ArrOutput; ":");
ArrOutput := @Explode(ArrOutput; ":");

This is how we build an array of values using @Char(10) delimiter (because our field is supposed to have carriage-returns in it) and then re-build it by providing colon (:) delimiter. Eventually, this colon-delimited array of data expands the MyMultilineInfo column, and in fact the entire row vertically, to the number of lines delimited by colon.

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